How can I increase the traffic on my website?

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n order to increase the traffic on your website you need to do search engine optimization.

And here is all that you need to know to do SEO for your website.

Here is a website checklist for you.

Check the site architecture: The site architecture impacts how the pages will be given priority while indexing on the search engine.

Link building: Do you have back-link to your website? If not then get backlinks, it helps you get better indexing, submit articles, answers, listings, comments etc. Check spam score on Moz of those websites/Forum/Q & A site/Listing sites. Do a back link analysis of your competitor and find out where are they getting backlinks from.

Website content: Having in-depth content is good, but keep a track that you are not loosing the context.

Ask yourself, if your website has a lot of information you might want to add a jump to a particular section tab, so the user gets to the information he is looking for quickly.

Add a blog to the website, this will help you improve site traffic.

Do keyword research through Google keyword planner. Look at your competitor what are they doing and what you can do gain more traffic over them. Check with your sales team and identify what are their pain points and try to solve them through your content.

Put social share icons on your website. Facebook, twitter, Google+, Whatsapp, Linkedin are some of the popular channels, however you should find out what works best in your industry.

Some popular content like check list, guides, self help, basiscally whatever kind of content is popular in your industry.

Google Analytics/Adobe analytics: Find out your visit to lead percentage.

Page load time, check your page level analytics, how the different pages ranking over the time.

Pay attention to how many people are canceling your pop-up, obviously you don’t want people to bounce off the page.

You want to do a lot of A/B testing to find out what works best.

Test what is the best time to show a chat pop-up or a free download pop-up.

Which pages are most visited.

Which are the pages that you want users to visit the most and is the GA showing improvement in your strategy.

Google looks for user experience, if you have a high bounce rate then google assumes that users didn’t find what they were looking for.

Mobile friendly: Don't make your desktop website translate into your mobile site. There is a reason you are making a mobile-optimized site, nobody wants to go through hefty navigation and a huge pile of information on their small device.

Maybe you need to just keep high-level information on the mobile platform.

The best practice is not to show pop-ups on mobile.

Track Mobile vs desktop.

Check the abandonment rate and pivot your strategy.

Strategy: See how many hits you are getting for branded keywords and what do you want to do to increase the traffic through branded keywords. Where do you want to pay attention, drive traffic through a focused approach?

Website testing:

Try the website on different browsers and mobile devices.

Check for HTML errors on the website- there are online websites available.

Last but not least….

Integrated marketing communication

Bring Sales, Marketing, Your operations team on the board ask what do they need.

Sales might say, I wish to talk about offers, marketing will talk about 360-degree communication.

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