5 ways to save a bad job interview

5 ways to save a bad job interview

Words once spoken in a job interview cannot be taken back but can be fixed in the right way.

The chances of being vulnerable to mistakes are extremely high if you are unemployed and are desperately looking for a job. While rewinding or redoing the job interview is not possible, there are a few things that a job seeker can do to make up for goof-ups and fix the employer’s impression.
1) It is human to err, therefore laugh it off: It is not uncommon to make mistakes while attending a job interview. However, what is required of you is to do sufficient research about the company and be confident about the role you’ve applied for. On the chance that you are stressed out and are unable to give an answer or you give out a wrong answer, instead of getting panicky, admit to your blunder and laugh it off. But also admit to not knowing the answer and ensure that you will go back and do the required research. This will give an impression to the interviewer that you are a good sport and are also confident and ready to learn. 

2) Admit and apologize: No matter how hard you try, you can’t have control over everything. An emergency might come up or you might be stuck in traffic, inform your interviewer and keep them in the know. Apologize sincerely and admit your fault. This will give an impression to the employer that you value your time as well as their time. 

3) Apologize for specific slip-ups: During an interview, there are chances of certain slip-ups. For example, you may stumble, slip or may spill a glass of water. Make it a point to offer an apology immediately and don’t forget to laugh it off. It shows that you know how to take control of the situation and know how to see the lighter side of things. 

4) Do not end in a debate/ argument: If the interviewer asks you to give your opinion on a particular topic, and, at the same time disagrees with your point of view, ensure that the conversation does not end in an argument. Be humble and acknowledge the other person’s point of view but don’t stray away from your views. Agree to disagree with your interviewer.

5) Address the elephant in the room: If in a career span of five years, you may have changed multiple jobs or have experienced a break in your career, be ready to talk about it. State your reasons matter of factly and refrain from whining. Acknowledge it head on and if nothing else, you at least get to walk out with your head held high by making an attempt of speaking the truth.

source – timesjobs