5 new-age jobs in the digital world

5 new-age jobs in the digital world

Quick take on new jobs and roles that have emerged in the digital space 

A week ago when online food ordering website Zomato was hacked exposing 17 million user records to the hacker, everybody mused ‘not again’.

Websites getting hacked is not a new thing in today’s time when digital overload often leaves loopholes in online security systems and there are a plethora of genius minds who know exactly how to break open the codes. However, everyone was left zapped when the hacker claimed that he had done this to bring out the flaws in site’s algorithm and to ensure that the site should start a bug bounty programme. Reportedly, the company sought the truce with him, promising to work with ‘ethical hackers‘ to make their system foolproof. 
Websites getting hacked

This brings into light the new roles that have become absolutely necessary for a brand to survive and thrive in this cutting-edge, new-age business world. Here are five such roles and why they are required by firms with strong online presence – 

1. Growth Hackers 
This is a net-savvy person who understands the nuances of the online world in great detail. These people can dig details of consumer behaviour on their site, social platforms, and communities and drive strategies to upscale the user count and behaviour on their platforms. 

2. Influencer Marketers 
This role focuses on finding influencers (people with huge fan base and followers on social platforms and communities) and using them for the brand’s benefits. This role generally employs people from marketing and communications profile. 

3. Community Managers 
Given the scale of interactions happening on the internet, moderating these for your platform is a Herculean task. These conversations – when left unattended can harm brand reputation. If used strategically, communities become a ground for finding new customers. Hence no company can do without these managers. 

4. Digital Production Manager 
Responsible for everything that is published on the site, this job can include content aspects or simply just the images/audio/video/multi-media elements. This role typically involves a person who knows the popular software well and is a master of curating content using these. 

5. Digital Storyteller 
This role has evolved from writers and journalists. It goes beyond traditional story writing aspects and enhances the reach of content using audio/video formats. Most content-backed websites today features like infographics, audio summary, video explanation, slideshows etc to enrich their content. 
source – timesjobs